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The wiki is a collection of web pages that can be created and edited by different users. The wiki feature allows students, teachers, and WU faculty and staff to work collaboratively.

If you have activated the wiki, a starting page will be created automatically for your wiki. You can also create additional wiki pages.

  1. Click on “New Page” in the upper-right corner.
  2. Complete the fields in the online form.
  3. Click “OK” to save your data.


Page Name

Please enter an unambiguous short title for your wiki page. This short title will appear in the URL of the page. Please don’t use any umlauts or spaces. Example: wikipage1


You can use sections to structure a chapter. To number your sections, you can use numbers, letters, or Roman numerals to number your sections. Example: 1.1


The page title will be displayed as the headline of the wiki page.

Created by

You’ll automatically be listed as the creator of the page with your name.


Enter your content using the CKEditor.


Optionally, you can add a short description of the contents of the wiki page.


The language is preset to your overall language setting for the MyLEARN interface. To create an English translation of a German page, please be sure to set the language to EN.

New wiki pages can be created by different types of users.

You can edit all wiki pages.

  1. If you have activated the wiki application, you’ll find a menu bar in the upper-right corner of the first wiki page.
  2. Click on “Edit” to edit the page you’re on.

You can also delete wiki pages and create new pages.

If you’ve already created wiki pages, you can click on “Manage” to see an overview of the existing pages.

  1. In the wiki, click on “Manage” in the upper-right corner.
  2. Use the number next to “::xowiki::Page“ to go to the overview page that lists all existing wiki pages.

On the overview page, you can also edit, delete, publish, and export pages.

Category style formatting allows you to structure your content pages based on categories. In the wiki, a table of contents will be shown that is based on categories. To use this feature, you need to create a category tree and assign the individual pages to the appropriate categories. Pages that fall under the same category are listed alphabetically.

  1. In the wiki, click on “Manage”.
  2. Click the “Settings” button.
  3. Next to “Page view option,” select “Category style”.
  4. Click “OK” to save your settings.

Once you have selected category style, you have to create or select a category tree.