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Peer Rating

The peer rating can be used in addition to group activities. It enables students to evaluate the contribution of each member of their own group to the group achiviement, according to an assignment given by the teacher (cf. Peer Rating in the Teaching & Learning Academy). 

In order to use Peer Rating, you must have already created groups in MyLEARN (see Group Administration for digital-based administration of groups and group tasks in MyLEARN).  However, the group work or task itself does not have to be designed as an online activity. It can also be a pure presence activity of the group. In this case, MyLEARN is only used for the assignment and administration of the group members in groups.

To create a new peer rating, proceed as follows:

  1. Activate the "Learning Activities" application.
  2. Click on "New" in the menu bar and select "Peer Rating" from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter a title and a short description (consisting of numbers or letters).
  4. Select which group(s) you want to assign the peer rating to. 
  5. Enter a score for the rating. This is a maximum amount of points or percentage that can be assigned to the group members. 
  6. In the rating settings, you specify how the maximum rating to be assigned is assigned to group members. 
    • Select "Max score must be allocated among group members" if you want students to spread the maximum amount across all group members (e.g. 100% split between 5 group members). 
    • Select "Score is allocated to each group member" if you want each group member to be assigned an assessment up to the maximum amount (e.g., up to 10 points per group member).
  7. Under Allow self-assessment?, specify whether students must also self-assess.
    • If "Yes" is selected, students must also grade their own participation in the group.
    • If "No" is selected, only the other group members can be assessed. 
  8. Under Show score to students?, decide whether students should be shown in the peer rating what average rating they have already received from the other members of their own group. The value here is continuously adjusted and only appears when students have submitted the assignment. 
  9. Under Enable comments from students? select whether a comment field should appear for each group member. This comment field can be used by students to enter a reason for each assessment. This comment can only be seen by the teachers. 
  10. If needed, enter a description of the assignment in the Work Assignment text box.
  11. Set an assessment mode and an assessment release. Keep in mind that only the "max. points" setting can be transferred to the gradebook.
  12. Fill in other mandatory fields.
  13. Click on "Save".
  14. Release the peer rating.

You will now see the Peer Rating as an activity in the learning activities of the course. 

Note: If you click on the task as an administrator, you will see that no group was found for this rating because you are not a member of a student group. If you want to test the assignment from the student perspective, then create a separate group for yourself and other administrators of the course, if applicable. If you also assign the peer rating to this group, then you can also test the peer rating from a student perspective. 

To view the peer rating results, you have two options:

1st option - "Show Rating Results":

  1. Click on the desired Peer Rating activity in the left side menu.
  2. Click on "This Page..." in the menu bar and select "Show rating results" from the drop-down list. You will now see an overview of the submitted ratings of all groups (see "Screenshot:  Tabular Overview").
  3. Click on the "CSV" button to download a CSV file of all information from the tabular overview. 

2nd option - "View student levies":

  1. Click on the desired peer rating activity in the left side menu.
  2. Click on "This Page..." in the menu bar and select "View Student Submissions" from the drop-down list. Under "Submitted", all submissions for this Peer Rating assignment will appear (see "Screenshot:  Submission Details"). Click on "Comments" to view all comments that have been made on a group member's rating. 

You will get information about the following contents in each case:

Group Name Information about which group the student belongs to.
Num ratings The number of all ratings this student has received from group members.
Total (Tot) The sum of all ratings received.
Avg The average value from all the ratings received.
Avg (no self) The average value from all received evaluations, minus the evaluations by the student him/herself, if this was preset.
Min. The lowest rating received.
Max. The highest rating received.
Comments All comments made on the ratings, if this was preset.

The Peer Rating shows different information depending on the rating setting:

  • If the setting "Max score must be allocated among group members" was selected, then the remaining rating is displayed under Remaining (see "Screenshot: Excercise1"). The task can only be submitted when the total maximum rating has been distributed and "0" appears under Remaining
  • If the "Score is allocated to each group member" setting was selected, then the max. rating for the rating will be displayed (see "Screenshot: Excercise2"). A value up to the maximum rating can be entered for each member of the group. The task can only be submitted if a value is entered for each group member. 

​​The configuration of the peer rating determines

  • Whether the student must also submit a self-rating.
  • Whether a comment field is displayed for each rating.
  • Whether, after submitting the assignment, the student is informed about the average score he/she has received in the peer ratings submitted so far by the other group members. 

After the assessment is released, the student views the instructor's rating on the assignment. However, students do not see the comments of the other group members or the individual ratings by the other group members. 

In Peer Rating, the rating must be calculated and entered manually by yourself.

  1. Click on "Learning activities" in the left side menu.
  2. Click on "Learning activities" in the menu bar and select "Overview of assignments" in the drop-down list.
  3. In the "Title of assignment" column, select the peer rating from which you want to view the submissions.
  4. For this peer rating, click on the number for "Submitted" in the "Status" column or under "Actions" in the "Access stundent submissions" drop-down list.

Now you will see a table where you can manage the submisisons. In the "Grading" column, the rating is entered manually by you (see "How can I grade assignments?").

You decide what you want to assess in the peer rating! Under the submissions you can see how the student filled in the Peer Rating. You can give a rating for how the student completed the peer rating assignment. Under the submissions, you will also see how the student's collaboration was rated by the other group members. So, alternatively, you can also give a rating for that student's collaboration in the group.