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Step 2 – Create Sections

You first have to create at least one section on your reading list, before you can start adding items.

In order to do this, click on the NEW SECTION button [1.].

A window opens where you have to name the section in the field title [2.], for example "Session 1".

Then click on CREATE [3.] Now  you have a first section on your reading list.

Please add all the sections you need first, and then start adding items. You can name the sections of your reading list as you wish: You can name a section just "Reading list." You can also structure the sections thematically or name them chronologically according to your course units. Or you can create two sections and name the first "Mandatory readings" and the second "Additional readings".


✅ Create sections

❐ Add items

❐ Assign tags

❐ Publish list