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Step 1 – Find read!t

You can find read!t in the syllabus [1.] of your course in MyLEARN under  Readings [2.]. It is activated automatically.

Your reading list automatically receives the title of the  corresponding course, and it is also automatically linked to your course [2.]. This provides orientation for your students and the library knows precisely which literature you need.

Please do not change the title of your reading list in read!t!

On the following pages you will see how to create a read!t reading list in only four steps. 

Checklist: create a reading list in just 4 steps

❐ Create sections

❐ Add items

❐ Assign tags

❐ Publish list

If you do not want to create a reading list in read!t, you do not have to. You can also announce the necessary readings to your students in class. In this case, it would be good if you added a section in read!t and informed your students about the procedure.